Saturday, December 18, 2010

new blog

Well I finally got around to changing our blog to add miss molly! {with a little help from my sweet friend Kristin} our new blog is:

Friday, December 3, 2010

oNe yEaR aGo tOdAy....

on december 3, 2009 we went to the hospital like this....
and came home with this....
the boys checking out our sweet baby girl!
I love her so much!
molly reed jarvis
december 3, 2009
6:57 pm
8 pounds 1 ounce
20 1/2 inches
she was so tiny!!!
they were so excited!!!
I remember going to the doctor like it was yesterday....sammy was at was pajama day....jack had a rough day at school and Miss Mary called me to get him early...we went on a little date to La Baguette....spent the day together and then ran for a quick non stress test on the baby...I had been doing them twice a week for a few weeks so there was no reason that I thought that day would be any different than any other appointment....the nurse took my blood pressure and listened to the baby for a while....then went to talk to dr.stanley....she stuck her head back in and said "how long ago did you eat?" I knew right then that we were having the baby that night....she just smiled then dr.stanley came in and said "go pack your bag and meet me up at the hospital in a few hours!!!" sweet jack was with me and he picked up his hand like it was a phone and called his favorite truck "sidestep" and said "we're going to have a baby tonight!" it was such a fun surprise!!! kind of strange having a baby at night instead of my normal scheduled morning c-section....but very fun!
we love you molly reed!


molly reed is ONE today!!!! the birthday girl woke up in the best mood!!
we had pink pancakes and tiny pink donuts for breakfast
her big brothers love her so much!!!
we had lunch at the tea room with mimi. this little tray is called the princess tray...very fitting for our little birthday princess!!!
{this is the same tea room that we took molly to her first lunch out when she was 2-3 weeks old....the boys behavior was much more acceptable for a tea room this year!!!!}
after we dropped jack at school we went and had our piggies painted!
{or at least tried to...she moves too much and i think only a few of them ended up with paint on them!}
we had a nice quiet dinner at home and then she had her cake! we have been working on blowing out her candle for the last few weeks! she LOVED it!!!
she also loved the cake!!!

i love her so much!
happy birthday sweet girl!
i know she is mine....but could she be any cuter??
the boys did a great job helping her open her gifts...
i think she loved everything!
especially her new "mug boots" as jack likes to call them!
after a big birthday she fell asleep in Poppy's arms while MiMi and I worked on her birthday party!!!

Molly Reed,
I cannot begin to tell you how much we love you! You are such a special little girl and you have brought so much JOY to our lives this year! I know that the Lord has big plans for you and your sweet brothers! I love that He picked me and daddy to raise you...He has blessed us more than I could ever imagine!!!! You are FULL of have this super sweet, sensitive side that I love...if you see one of your brothers getting in trouble you lean towards them to kiss or hug is so cute!!! you also have this SUPER sassy side where you boss us all around and you get on to the boys!!! you just talk gibberish to them but it really does sound like you are scolding them!!! I love being your mommy and I love watching you grow up!!!
happy birthday sweet girl!
we love you!
tHe LoRd hAs dOnE gReAt tHiNgS fOr uS & wE ArE fIlLeD wItH jOy!!
psalm 126:3

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

and the winner is....

Jack's school is having a little Turkey Trot as a school fundraiser on this week they are doing fun things each was a contest for the best homemade turkey hat.....Jack won! He was so proud!!!! We had talked about it all weekend of what we should make and I mentioned we should make a cooked turkey with the little white paper frills on the legs....he had his heart set on it so Monday night we had to sew and stuff a little turkey!!!!
{I heart school projects!!!}

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


you are quite the little stinker these days!!!!
::mISS mOLLY::
you are getting so big!!! i cannot believe in one teeny tiny month you are going to be oNe!!!!! it feels like we just had you a few months ago!!! you are definitely starting to find your little personality!!! you are a bit sassy... but i love it! even before you were here daddy and i would talk about how that we thought you might be a little stinker being the baby and the only girl....well, it is so true! you shake your head no all the time and say "na" instead of no! you talk a lot when we are all together but mimi and poppy had some alone time with you the other night and they said you were really quiet?!?! maybe it is your two crazy brothers that brings out your ornery side?!?!
at 11 months you are...
*wearing size 12-18 months
*wearing size 4 diaper
*wearing size2-3 shoes
*you celebrated your first were a darling little lady bug!
*you are still moving your own way not a traditional crawl....but you can get around
*you are not a great sleeper
*you can say lots of words! hi, bye, my mama, dada, bubba, uh talk all the time!
*you love to give big sloppy kisses!!! I love it! once you get going you just don't stop! it is too cute!
*you pull up on the couch a table a little bit... i am really in no rush for you to walk so i don't really encourage this much! :)
*you love to "brush" your teeth {play with the tooth brush}
*you've been snuggling your little baby huggums doll lately! it is about the cutest thing i've ever seen!!! you'll have her under your little arm when you are going to sleep!!! i loved baby dolls so much i hope you enjoy playing with them too!!!
*you have your daddy wrapped around your little finger! i'm shocked it's taken me 'til month 11 to add this to the really is pretty sad!
*you are the most loved little girl!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I have been terrible about blogging lately! So, I thought I would just do a quick little recap of October and hope that I go back and catch up at some point!!! Three kiddos keeps me a little busy these days!!!!I love this pic of my parents with the kids!
This was taken after MiMi's birthday picnic! My kids are so blessed to have such special grandparents!!!!
My three amigos! Jack is a red ninja, Sammy is snake eye {I think from GI JOE...he's never seen this before but I think daddy mentioned he liked it when he was little and sammy was sold on it!} and my little lady bug! I can't lie...I was a little sad about the costumes this year....It was our first year for me to not make the costumes and for them to actually pick what they want to be.....i thought that I would make their costumes for at least a few more years ...I did throw out a few ideas too...the three little pigs, raggedy ann and two andy's....the boys were just not feelin' it so we went with ninjas and a lady bug!!!
at the pumpkin patch!
the boys playing games at Jack's school carnival!
We LOVE his school!!!
we spent the day in norman on sunday and ended at aunt nikki and uncle jason's house for some trick or treating!!! Here are the kiddos with my sweet nephews zach and ryan!
Jack decorating a little pumpkin at his fall party at school!

this was our first year to do storybook forest and the boys loved it!!!! It was probably my favorite thing we did this fall!!!!
being silly at the pumpkin patch!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


hAPPY 10 mONTH bIRTHDAY lITTLE bIRDIE!showing off her cute little teeth!
Miss Molly Reed,
I was just telling your daddy today that I don't know where this year went! You are getting so big!!! I love this new little stage you are in....but I miss my tiny little baby girl!
We went to the OU-TEXAS game this weekend in Dallas and took you were so good and we had the best time...but I really missed the boys...when we got back and you saw them your face just lit up...I think you missed them too!!! I love the sweet relationship that you have with your brothers! They both just adore you...they just have very different ways of showing it! Jack talks baby talk to you and says "jackie love you, yes he does....." about 500 times a day and Sam hits you, bonks your head....all the fun things that brothers do to pester sisters....but I really think it is his way of showing you attention! He is only 3 and I just don't really think he knows what to do with babies yet....
We LOVE you so much Little Miss!!!

at 10 months you are...
*wearing 12-18 months
*wearing size 4 diapers
*size 2 shoe {you have tiny little feet}
*eat everything!!!! You are by far our best eater!!!!
*you love to hear your voice! you will "talk" back if someone talks to you for a long time! it is so cute!!! you will mimic the same noise that they make with this serious little face!
*you love your brothers!!! you giggle when they are being ornery! makes me a little worried for when you are all 3 running around!
*you can definitely get where ever you want to go...but you are still not crawling! everyone said girls do things earlier but so far the only thing that you have the boys beat on is the talking! they had teeth, sat up, and crawled before you...
*you have lots of little teeth coming in right now! I love your cute little tooth on top! you do the most adorable smile like you are so proud to show it off....
*we love your red hair! EVERYONE comments on it! people usually ask where you got it...but I always love when people tell me you have it just in case I hadn't noticed yet!!! ;) "SHe has RED hair!!!!"
*you love to be outside!!! the weather is so nice and we have been going out a lot more lately...the other day you ate dirt!!! that was a first at the Jarvis house!!!
*you are the most loved little girl!